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Stepping Stone Tutoring Organization

EconWatch (9/2/20)

By Samantha Rodriguez

Instruction and student education have been drastically altered since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. In-person schooling was traded in for virtual courses. While such measures were necessary for student and administrator safety, it took a toll on student education. This is where Stepping Stone Tutoring came in.

Founded in May of 2020, Stepping Stone Tutoring strives to “help bridge the education gap between students of different backgrounds [as] the problem of education inequality is so prevalent in our current society,” Sumin Choi, founder of Stepping Stone explains.

Thus, Choi and her team began tutoring disadvantaged students online. With courses ranging from Math and English to Arts and Sports, Choi loves tutoring and teaching the students because she can “interact with...and see the student's progress and improvement in the subject.”

Now with a team of over 20 high school students teaching a range of 25 courses, Choi is getting pulled towards more administrative and outreach work instead of the tutoring that she loves. She hopes that everything settles down soon so that she can focus more on the students.

For more information about Stepping Stone, visit their website at

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