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Starting a Non-Profit in High School

EconWatch (8/26/20)

By Samantha Rodriguez

Starting your own non-profit organization in high school may seem intimidating at first. However, with patience, organization, and dedication, this goal can easily become a reality. Whether you already have an idea, are about to launch your own organization, or have not even thought about launching an organization, here are some tips from Sumin Choi, a junior at Montgomery Blair High School. In May of 2020, Choi founded her own non-profit organization, Stepping Stone Tutoring.

When she first launched Stepping Stone, Choi had trouble staying motivated as she often felt overwhelmed and doubtful of her abilities. To help with her worries, Choi set specific deadlines for individual tasks. These deadlines allowed her to maintain a schedule and organization. Additionally, Choi believes that staying motivated directly involves having a clear vision of the purpose and goals of your organization. Finally, Choi advises that you have someone you can rely on to support, encourage, and advise you throughout the non-profit process.

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