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Fighting Education Inequality

Emily Liu

Amid the chaos of COVID 19, Oakwood Education Foundation was created to quench the fire of education inequality. Eesha Kurella, the founder of Oakwood Education Foundation, launched the non-profit on Aug. 13, 2020. Their mission - to bridge the achievement gap for lower-income students by providing tutoring services, courses, resources, and advocacy.

Education inequality has a profound impact on lower-income students. The blatant discrepancies between test scores, grades, and level of achievements are evidence of the damaging effects that stem from education inequality. A report by the National Center for Education Statistics found that in 2018, around twice as many lower-income students dropped out of high school than middle- or high-income students. Although the problem is obvious, America continues to turn its back. Oakwood hopes to change that and force America to turn around and finally extend its long-overdue hand.

Since Oakwood’s launch, Kurella and her team have been carefully building the foundation for the organization. Oakwood offers a variety of tutoring subjects, ranging from ‘Early Math’ to ‘AP Chemistry’. The organization is currently focused on improving its current tutoring services and expanding its reach. As for future projects, Oakwood plans to conduct free lessons during the summer of 2021 and finalize its 2-year ‘Pre-K at Home’ packet.

The number of non-profit organizations, especially tutoring services, skyrocketed during the summer of 2021. What sets Oakwood apart from its competitors is its diverse team - specifically, its recruitment of adults. For one, the inclusion of adults offers more wisdom and experience, guiding the organization on a better path through constructive criticism. Additionally, adults offer an entirely divergent perspective on what ideas should and should not be implemented to further their organization’s mission. Kurella attributes her growth in professionalism, demeanor, and acceptance of criticism to the committed adults in her team.

Considering its current progress and promising potential, Oakwood Education Foundation will undoubtedly contribute immensely in bridging the achievement gap.

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