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Code A Wish

EconWatch (July 18, 2020)

Internet technology is becoming increasingly advanced and has integrated itself into many people's daily lives. However, not everyone has the privilege to enjoy the fruits of technology.

High school student Faith Cheung recognized this problem during a tutoring session, where she faced the obstacle of her tutee not having access to a computer. Afterwards, Cheung, along with five other high schoolers, was inspired to create Code A Wish, a 501(c)3 certified organization with a mission of making technology more accessible.

Code A Wish targets underprivileged communities and teaches them code, allowing them to explore the opportunities that coding brings. "The knowledge of coding can take you anywhere," Cheung writes, "so long as you know how to communicate with a computer, your future will be secured."

By hosting free seminars and events, Code A Wish has connected with over 500 students in the USA. They've also hosted a Future Summit, where six esteemed guest speakers in computer science and business fields spoke about their career experiences to over 200 attendees. In the future, Code A Wish plans to implement fundraisers to supply less fortunate communities with modern technology.

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