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College Finances Webinar

On September 9th, InnovateX held a college finance webinar with college financial aid strategist, Jack Wang. CEO of Longhorn Holdings and LLC and University of Texas at Austin graduate, Jack Wang helps students plan for college financial aid and manage student debt. Watch to learn more about financing and reducing the cost of attending college!

Business Career Tips 101: High School Edition Webinar

On June 12th, InnovateX was proud to welcome Lena Mojsiak (Ross School of Business), Sabrina Lee (Wharton), and Rikki Kong (Wharton) to talk about their love for entrepreneurship and their journey pursuing a business related major. Watch to learn more about their experiences and tips for high schoolers interested in pursuing a similar career pathway!

Churchill High School Resume Workshop

Churchill InnovateX hosted a Virtual Resume Workshop to help students in learn more about strong resume writing for college applications and internships! This webinar featured many successful and accomplished college students from distinguished schools as speakers.

Personal Finance Town Hall

On May 6th 2021, InnovateX (Katie, Lauren, Angelina, Vaishnavi) and MCPS Student Member of the Board and Elect Nick Asante and Hana O'Looney came together to discuss the lack of personal finance education in Montgomery County Public Schools. Watch to hear about the work InnovateX has been doing so far, the stances of MCPS SMOBS, the voices of students in MCPS, and how to get your voice heard by the Board of Education!

Showcase Your Best Self Personal Branding Workshop

Thank you to everyone who came to our Showcase Your Best Self Personal Branding Workshop featuring Jonny Perl (Associate Producer @Cienemation) and Marina Kernes (Senior Product Management Director @Kaiser Permanente). We had over 70 youth across the country from California to Maryland participate in our workshop activities as they learn how to effectively present themselves in front of future employees, admission officers, and peers.

The Next Gen Webinar

This international speaking event featured seasoned entrepreneurs from across the USA and audience members from across 11 countries around the world! Speakers talked about their entrepreneurial stories, the challenges they overcame, and their advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. We hope everyone gained insight from these conversations and can apply them to their own entrepreneurial journey!



Carole Irgang: Founder of Red Shoes Marketing Takudzwa Caitano: CEO of Yes Africa Yes

Alex Choi: Founder of GameOn Sports


Presented by InnovateX and Sparkling 

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