Children in School


School curriculums across the country lack two key components that are essential to preparing students for the real world: personal finance and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship enables students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills that are not taught in traditional classroom settings. As an organization run by high school students, we have personally experienced this insufficiency throughout our academic careers and understand how important this knowledge is for our future success. Addressing this need, InnovateX, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is devoted to providing valuable resources and opportunities to help students of all socioeconomic backgrounds understand and apply the skills involved in entrepreneurship. 

We plan to use donations to aid us in fulfilling our mission and achieve our goals for the coming school year. InnovateX will provide opportunities to students through our startup incubator, after school programs at ES and MS schools, and our advocacy for the inclusion of  financial education within our our school curriculum. 

Our startup incubator is currently providing the mentorship and funding for 7 teams of students across the US and internationally to launch their own social ventures that address one of the 17 UN sustainable goals. Your donation will allow  young change makers turn their ideas into reality. 

We are determined to break barriers and empower the next generation of bright and creative innovators and we need your assistance in order to do so. Please also share this fundraiser with friends and family, and click the link to our website to learn more about InnovateX! Thank you so much :)