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Hello Innovators,

We hope this letter finds you well. InnovateX has made gargantuan strides in our project finance initiative, as well as grassroots mobilization efforts, and we are excited to share our progress with you.


Project Finance

Our new Advocacy Director, Angelina Xu, is spearheading Project Finance. Project Finance is now launching our Student Ambassador program, with the intent of having students at every Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) to evaluate the state of financial literacy within their school communities. To promote this goal, Student Ambassadors will encourage students at their school to fill out the InnovateX Survey personal finance education in Montgomery County, and will keep their school community updated about the progress of Project Finance. To increase awareness about financial literacy among students and teachers alike, we met with Student Member of the Board of Education candidates Hana O’Looney and Henry Kaye, asking these students to include personal finance education in the campaign platform. Lastly, after meeting with Board of Education members, social studies coordinators, and assistant superintendents, we have successfully created an official MCPS working group to analyze personal finance education in MCPS.


After School Programs

Our Education Team is launching their personal finance after school programs on March 8th. They have been hard at work to make these programs successful. They have carefully revamped the financial literacy curriculum for middle school programs. Similarly, they recruited a diverse array of student teachers and hosted a teacher orientation presentation. We cannot wait to see the success of these programs!



The finance team is currently orchestrating their textbook drive fundraiser. If you would like to donate textbooks, or would like to purchase a textbook, you can do so at the following link: ​


Econ Watch

Our Publications team has written fantastic economics articles for teens by teens. Check them out below!

Chapter Efforts

Our Maryland chapters are heavily supporting Project Finance. They are currently coordinating letter writing campaigns to the MCPS Board of Education to request that MCPS sends out surveys to high school students and parents to determine the confidence students have in their personal finance abilities, and gage how receptive students are to a personal financial graduation requirement.


We would like to shoutout the Winston Churchill High School chapter in Maryland, which recently hosted a virtual resume building workshop and career pathways webinar, both with over 50 participants. State Efforts Our New Jersey team is up and running! The New Jersey state director, Mihika, has expanded the branch's social media presence and has recruited a core state team. They are hard at working trying to implement Innovate-X After School Programs in New Jersey.


New Members!

We are proud to welcome Ronith Gungurthi as the National Chief Operating Officer, Angelia Xu as our National Advocacy Director, Jessica Xue as our Mid-Atlantic Organizing director, Raina Kella as a national finance team members, and Lucas Yang as the Maryland State Director to the InnovateX Family.

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