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Hi Innovators, 

    I hope this letter finds you well. Last Thursday, InnovateX had our General Meeting, where we reflected on the current progress and future state of Project Finance, the internship program, our after school classes, EconWatch Publications, and InnovateX’s financial status. I am attaching these updates below

  •  Project Finance

    • Our outreach and education committees have been hard at work conducting teacher and student interviews alike to better understand the current state of financial literacy education in Montgomery County Maryland. Similarly, they have worked hard to garner over 250 responses to our survey about personal finance education opportunities in MCPS. The education committee produced a thorough policy pack that compares nationwide efforts by states and counties to implement financial literacy education, discusses the benefits of financial literacy education for students, and analyzes current Montgomery County finance education. This month, we will be establishing relationships with MCPS Board of Education members, as well as a MD Gubernatorial candidate, to garner inside support in the fight for financial literacy 

  • The internship program

    • Our outreach committee has formed connections with six businesses to provide high school students with business related work experiences. We are currently in the process of Increase business partnerships, create internship applications, and finalize program details and duration 

  • After school classes

    • The Education team is entirely reworking their Financial Literacy curriculum to make it better than ever before. They have currently finalized eight new personal finance lesson plans. They are in the process of reaching out to over 100 schools that will host our after school programs. We hope to work with twenty schools this session!


  • Econ Watch Publications

    • The publications team has released 7 new Econ Watch articles this month, and is in the process of starting an EconWatch-based newsletter! In February, they will start posting routinely on Medium and LinkedIn and will restructure the Wix publication posting schedule. To keep sustaining their high quality of work, they are also recruiting new writers.


  • InnovateX’s Financial Status.

    • Our Finance committee created a new, revamped sponsorship package and they are currently sending it out to local businesses. We were recently awarded $300 from the Montgomery County Regional Council and our currently planning two major fundraisers: a Krispy Kreme  Donut Fundraiser and Test Prep Book Drive.

We would like to welcome Mihika to our team as our new New Jersey State Director, and Anika to our team as the American High School President and Founder




Lauren Perl and Katie Yuan

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