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InnovateX's afterschool programs will now be held virtually!

InnovateX aims to make entrepreneurship and financial education accessible to students of all ages. We offer after school programs for elementary and middle school students in grades 3-8. All are welcome, register today!

InnovateX is currently hosting its first ever virtual entrepreneurship and finance after school program with over 30 students from grades 3-8. 

 Our classes offer youth an opportunity to explore subjects and skills outside of the traditional classroom.

We not only teach students about money management and making good choices, but also help them develop their key critical thinking and public speaking skills. Thank you everyone for your support!

Classes will be held once a week over ZOOM from September to January. Please indicate your available times on the class regstration form. Class times will be announced before the program.

Interested in learning more about the world of entrepreneurship and finance? Reserve your spot today!

Wondering what a typical class looks like? Check out our sample lesson plans and curriculum outline!

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