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What is innovateX?

InnovateX is a 501c3 non-profit organization that aspires to increase accessibility to personal finance and entrepreneurial opportunities for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds through advocacy, enrichment programs, workshops, and access to resources. 


Our Impact

we have reached over 2000 students internationally through personal finance after-school programs, workshops, and advocacy initiatives.

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bills important to innovatex

What is it for?

Generation Ratify filed an amicus brief in support of a case regarding the ERA that has moved to the DC Court of Appeals. This brief aims to defend the ERA in federal court



As the only youth written brief, it’s important to have a coalition of youth-led organizations to fight for gender justice.

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InnovateX is a SIGNATORY on Generation Ratify AMICUS BRIEF

personal finance bills:

Public High Schools - Financial Literacy - Curriculum, Graduation Requirement, and Professional Development

Get Involved!

Public High Schools - Financial Literacy Pilot Program - Establishment

Education - Public High Schools - Financial Literacy Curriculum and Graduation Requirement

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Want to share your love for entrepreneurship? Looking for leadership opportunities? Check out our Get Involved page to learn more!

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